25 Brutally Honest Reasons Why A Man Is Bound To Cheat Even The Woman Who He Loves More Than His Life (#21 Is The Most Painful)


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11. he has to establish himself

Some men have a tendency to feel less unworthy if they’ve several women to flirt with or have an intimate relationship.

12. he’s immature

Some men have quite immature pals who get them act in the same way. And, regrettably, there are situations when they behave like teenagers and compete with each other for trivial issues like cheating.

13. he likes to try out new things

Some guys believe that gaining your heart is a hint to proceed. This is definitely a reason to leave your partner.

14. emotionally instable

Men experience emotional traumas, same as women do, but they cope with them differently. Often times, they suppress these feelings and transfer them to their partner. So, pay close attention.

15. he’s lustful

Some men have a problem differentiating between lust and love, which often causes a relationship to fail. If you really love him, make him understand this difference.

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