25 Brutally Honest Reasons Why A Man Is Bound To Cheat Even The Woman Who He Loves More Than His Life (#21 Is The Most Painful)


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6 he avoids real intimacy because he’s afraid

Psychiatrists claim that men tend to avoid intimacy and that this is the main reason why they cheat. That is, they’re scared by intimacy, so they distance themselves from their partner and in most cases cheat.

7. he desires to feel desired

This goes for both men and girls. Consequently, men are expected to supply a feeling of security and be strong, often, with no acknowledgment for this. Sometimes, this can lead to a sense of being just a “caretaker ”.

8. new encounters are sought by him

Believe it or not, a guy can be in love with his partner, but still cheat. Specifically, they appreciate new excitements and encounters , even when their relationship is a joyful one.

9. he’s a milksop

Certain relationship experts emphasize that some men are too weak to say “no”. When they have the chance, they simply cannot refuse it. However, this is not a valid argument. Beware of such men and avoid them as much as possible.

10. he wants power and control

Men feel powerful in a relationship when they decide to cheat.

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